Natural Fruit Cleaner

Washes Away Harmfull Germs and Pesticides

Natural Vegetable Cleaner

Natural Fruits and Vegetables Cleaner

Now, more than ever, we know how important it is to not only wash our hands, but also to wash our fruits & vegetables as well. With our new normal comes the responsibility to make sure all the produce we come into contact with is thoroughly cleaned, and not just rinsed, so we can protect our family from a variety of contaminants.

Humans are advised to consume vegetables and fruits in their natural form to get maximum nourishment & benefit from these food sources.

Unfortunately, the fruits and vegetables that we consume can also be a source of many diseases, even Cancer, as these vegetables and fruits are exposed to many contaminants.

One of the first products developed by us is Veg Wash born out of necessity as there was a clear requirement to clean our vegetables and fruits with 100% Natural materials. Veg Wash has been Patented and Registered Trade Mark has been issued for the product.

Veg Wash has been tested and certified by international laboratories to confirm it completely washes away commonly used pesticides , removes bacteria and cleans away, dirt and contaminants, without leaving any residue on the product!

Vegwash+ 375ML
Good for trail pack


Vegwash+ 1 Liter
limited Package


vegwash+ 1 liter

How To Use

Clean Your Natural Fruits & Vegetables in 5 Steps.

  • Mix 10 ml (2 tbsp.) or 2% ratio of VEG WASH+ in 500ml of plain water

  • Soak the fruit or vegetables in the prepared solution for 1 min.

  • Rub individual pieces thoroughly with hand dipped within the solution

  • Transfer the soaked fruits/vegetables into strainer

  • Wash thoroughly under running tap/clean water

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